LONDON - British Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Thursday said the plans to resettle those Iraqis who had assisted the country in the aftermath of 2003 invasion of the Middle East country is proceeding smoothly. David Miliband the other day met with former Iraqi locally engaged Foreign & Commonwealth Office staff who are now living in Glasgow. He said till date over 150 former staff and dependents have been allowed to take up living in Britain. He said a further 110 former staff and their dependents have been accepted and will travel to UK shortly. Mr Miliband introduced a scheme back in October 2007 as a concrete way of recognising the loyal and courageous service of Iraqi locally engaged staff and gave them the option for resettlement in the UK or financial assistance. During his meeting, David Miliband personally thanked the families of those who worked with the UK in Iraq and showed appreciation for the assistance given by the Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Refugee Council. British Foreign Secretary said: During my recent visit to Iraq I was greatly impressed with the continued dedication and commitment demonstrated across the board by our Iraqi staff. We could not have made our contribution to the rebuilding of Iraq without their service and, in some cases, sacrifice. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Iraqi staff for their continued dedicated service they provide to our armed services and civilian missions in Iraq. The Foreign Secretary who was in Glasgow as part of a regional Cabinet meeting visited Glasgow Central Mosque for discussions with the Muslim community in Glasgow.