KARACHI - Deputy Convenor MQM Rabita Committee, Farooq Sattar, has said that the PPP, PML-N, PML-Q and ANP have betrayed the popular mandate given by the people of Pakistan by supporting the so-called Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR) in the National Assembly. Addressing a Press conference at Khursheed Memorial Hall on Thursday, he said that the atrocities and terrorism by the Taliban has been legitimised through the Nizam-e-Adal Regulation. MNA Haider Abbas Rizvi, Senator Babar Ghauri and MPA Faisal Sabazwari also spoke on the occasion. Dr. Farooq Sattar further said that people had not voted the political parties to approve such controversial regulations. Pakistanis reject Taliban brand of Sharia because and only believe in the Sharia of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), he added. He added Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan has announced that they wouldnt lay down arms and would expand their struggle to other areas of Pakistan. This statement and the suicide attack in Charsadda after the promulgation of the NAR proved that government has given the terrorists a license to kill innocent people, he said. Sattar added that MQM chief Altaf Hussain and other party leaders had already showed reservations on this controversial regulation. He warned that after Buner, Islamabad would be the next target of Taliban. He asked the ANP to clarify its position on the NAR because it was tantamount to support the very terrorists who had blown up the shrine of Rehman Baba. Doesnt it amounts to support those terrorists who killed innocent worshippers in Jamrud mosque and Chakwal Imam Bargah, he questioned. Dr Farooq Sattar appealed the entire nation to rise up against the Sharia of Taliban and vowed that MQM would not allow Talibanisation in any part of the country. MQM chief Altaf Hussains efforts since late 1980s had helped establish environment of inter-sectarian harmony in Karachi. We will not allow the Taliban to preach hatred in the city, he vowed. Responding to a speech by Chaudhry Nisar Ali, in which he had criticised Altaf Hussain, Haider Abbas Rizvi, MQMs deputy parliamentary leader in the National Assembly, warned the PML-N leader against using derogatory language against the MQM chief. It is an undeclared code of conduct that parliamentarians will not talk against the chief of any party in the absence latters representatives in the House. Our stern response might change the Parliament into a fish market, he warned. Federal Minister Babar Ghauri alleged that Ch Nisar Ali was involved in a conspiracy against his own party chief and wanted to replace him as the PML-N head. Faisal Sabzwari said that MQM knew it well who handed over Amal Kasi to the US authorities and who had talked against Pakistan from Kabul in the 1970s. He warned that MQM was keeping vigilant eye on the activities of its political rivals to create unrest in Karachi in collaboration with the drug mafia and criminals, and was fully prepared to counter all such conspiracies.