The performance of the members of Parliament has been far from acceptable, and the general public has started showing its displeasure on the streets. This is turning to anger, and the countdown to a change is in the air. This public anger is not confined to the thinking (chattering) classes, but the more sinister and long suffering affectees that have to face a daily battle to make ends meet. At first the tendency is to ignore the parliamentarians, as being of no consequence, but people are beginning to link the corruption of the politicians to their plight. The manner with which the Supreme Courts decisions are being flouted, and one member of the FIA whose bail had been cancelled by the Supreme Court, was given a presidential pardon to 'celebrate the historic passing of the Eighteenth Amendment, is not being seen in that light. Some PPP jialayas have passed on the message that this was a deliberate affront to the Supreme Court, to show the disdain by the presidency for any such instructions. The prime minister has also chosen to elevate the erstwhile Federal Minister Mr Dasti, who had resigned from the Cabinet for having a bogus degree, to advisor to the prime minister with the rank of federal minister. Even if an affront to the Supreme Court was not intended, the public is certainly incensed by what they consider has been a duplicitous act by the MNA in question, for the voters have been deliberately misled. They are certainly concerned that their representative has misused their trust. The public has come of age, and realises that their vote being sacred, should be used judiciously and above all legally, and have used their street power to restore the chief justice. They have also seen that the elected representatives first help themselves to the goodies, and the leftovers (if any) are to be divided up amongst the myriad of hangers on. The hangers on are invariably opportunists like their bosses, and are not capable of creating any funds for themselves legally. Every one of the scams that are surfacing daily, have a huge price differential added on and certainly not built-in. Taking an example of Cotecna and SGS (of the 60 million dollars stuck in Switzerland) would have already cost the importers or exporters that much more for the luxury of having their goods examined by these two companies. And passed on to us the people. A truly neat example of the care and affection the leadership has for the people. Interestingly enough the Swiss government has successfully prosecuted and sentenced officers of these two companies, and Jens Schlege-lmilch the erstwhile lawyer for the Bhuttos, for his complicity in the cases. The Swiss nation has prided itself on its reputation of guaranteeing its hallmark on items like gold or other precious metals. This reputation has been built up over the years. So when the two companies authorised exclusively by the Government of Switzerland were ostensibly caught passing on commissions to the Zardaris for the right to 'pre-clear these consignments, then the Swiss were stung into action for it was the Swiss governments 'guaranteed purity code that was also under scrutiny. Hence, the swift action against the officers of these two companies as the Swiss government had to move to protect its own hard earned integrity, whereas we, knowing who has done what to whom, and benefited by how much are gnashing our teeth in frustration, over an immunity clause that was never meant for such cases. While we on our part are witnessing the struggle to have the Supreme Courts directives obeyed by the Law Ministry of Pakistan, and the PPP jiayalas in the PMs offices. As the Chief Executive of Pakistan will realise that obeying illegal orders will surely have a high cost. The Supreme Court will soon decide who is responsible for the delay, and may act accordingly. History will judge this as the worst government ever, and may well have doomed the partys credibility, and this is a weakness that will be exploited by the other political parties mainly the PTI and the JI who have always prided themselves on their anti-corruption stands, and this time the slogan may be opportune. The public is also fed up with the graft, and will not allow a political reprieve for corruption. Mr Bhutto must be turning in his grave at the degradation of his high principles. We still remember at the public chastisement of some senior PPP leaders, when Mr Bhutto shouted in public: Stop. Havent you had enough? The members of Parliament must in their actions beware of an enlightened public and media that is able to highlight the scams and will certainly press the judiciary into action. The honest jiyalas are watching their beloved PPP being corrupted, and will soon spring into action. The writer is a political analyst.