The BBC is running a TV programme in Britain encouraging the public to grow vegetables in their gardens, courtyards, even flower pots, if they could. A few bricks removed from a paved courtyard are enough to provide a cultivable area. This excellent idea should be propagated on Pakistani TV channels as well. If millions of people follow this practice, their small effort would add up to a huge boost in national food production. Also, the people would make savings in their food purchases. Some things like lentils, spinach and courgette are grown easily and profusely. Further, I would recommend that all open spaces in schools and offices etc should be utilized for food production. I have seen this practice in Nigeria where classes for practical farming are run for schoolchildren. We should teach farming methods to students of all ages who should then be encouraged to participate in competitions for prizes. This will bring urban children closer to the nature and will also provide them with a very healthy pastime. -KHALID. A., London, April 16.