LAHORE - There are forces both in Pakistan and India that play their part to derail the peace process whenever Islamabad and New Delhi come closer, remarks former foreign minister, Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri. Kasuri expressed these views while addressing a news conference after hosting a meeting of former foreign ministers of Pakistan and India at his residence on Friday. The visiting former foreign ministers of India include Jaswant Singh, Natwar Singh, while former Indian petroleum minister Mani Shankar Ayer was also accompanying the delegation. Former foreign ministers of Pakistan include Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, Sartaj Aziz, Abdul Sattar and Gohar Ayub Khan. Kasuri said all the foreign ministers present here from both Pakistan and India took part in the peace process between the two countries in their respective governments and played their due role in bringing Islamabad and New Delhi closer to resolve their outstanding issues. He said the efforts of all the foreign ministers from Pakistan and India present here succeeded to some extent in getting the desired results. He said the purpose of the meeting between the former ministers of the two countries was to employ our 'collective wisdom in the light of our experiences during our foreign offices to make an effort for resolving the issues including the core matters. Kasuri said, We discussed the issue of water, Kashmir and all the issues pending between the two countries with our former counterparts, while the (Indian delegation) apprised us about their point of view on terrorism and all other issues. The former foreign ministers of India will tell their people about our point of view on water, Kashmir and other issues, while we will do the same regarding their thinking on terrorism and other issues. He said this meeting was an effort to strengthen the peace process between the two countries with the help of our shared knowledge and collective wisdom. He said Pakistani and Indian media was so powerful that it could help in bringing the two countries closer for solving their contentious issues. He said all the foreign ministers from Pakistan and India present here belong to various political parties and they would discuss these issues on which they deliberated here to mould their policies for resolving the issues between the two neighbours in order to bring peace and prosperity in the region. Kasuri said Jaswant Singh was creating 'Goodwill for Pakistan in India and he would follow his suit when he would visit India in the series of this current meeting. Kasuri said former ministers from the both countries had an in-depth exchange of views on different dimensions of India-Pakistan relations in order to improve each others understanding of these issues and obstacles involved. He underlined the need that the all six former foreign ministers had remained part of the peace process between Pakistan and India and were trying in their personal capacities to share the view point of Islamabad and Delhi, so that both countries could come closer. He said this dialogue would enable constructive perspectives to be made public to improve these relations, when these former ministers would give this message in their respective countries. Kasuri said all of them were united and wanted to contribute to the establishment of cordial and constructive cooperation, based on peace, tranquillity, friendship and good neighbourly relations. He revealed that the participants agreed to meet informally in India and Pakistan once or twice a year to discuss the key issues pertaining to India-Pakistan relations with a view to pool their experience, information and knowledge so that individually they could exert their endeavours at the civil society level. He stated that they agreed to institutionalise their informal dialogue, with the Institute of Public Policy of Beaconhouse National University in Lahore and the South Asia Foundation (India Chapter) in New Delhi by providing the required secretarial assistance. He disclosed that the next meeting of the informal group would take place in New Delhi in the latter half of the year. Commenting on the Shoib Malik and Sania Mirzas wedding, Kasuri said that it was a good omen. He also said that Jaswant Singh told him that there were lot of people in Sindh and Rajistan who were becoming part of the wedlock and these incidents should also be high lightened for creating more goodwill between the two countries. Kasuri thanked the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Kasuri for facilitating the welcome of the Indian guests on their arrival in Pakistan.