Land of Pakistan and people of Pakistan are under direct attack from the uneducated militants. On one side Pakistan army is fighting with terrorists in the newly renamed Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwah. Pakistani teachers and students are meanwhile facing the 'educated militants of Islami Jamiat -e-Tulaba (IJT). An offshoot of the Jamaat Islami, they have created panic in educational institutions of Pakistan particularly Punjab. We had not yet forgotten the beating up of the NUML professor in Islamabad when the history repeated itself. In brutal action by the IJT, a Punjab University teacher Iftikhar Hussain was brutally beaten. IJT has a history of violence in the last 36 years. This organization has tried to hold sway over all educational institutions of the country through violence in order to further its ideology. The IJT does it under the umbrella of political and monetary support provided by the Jamaat Islami. Punjab University is a strong den of the IJT and it has totally suffocated the student community here to a point that the male and female students cannot interact openly. IJT is well-organized and has caused problems even to the provincial government which is not taking proper notice of the activities of IJT. Their militant ideology has, thus, made all educational institutions their hostage. The PLM-N is ruling Punjab in a way that it is accused of having links with militant organization like Sipah-e-Sihaba. It is really very alarming that Punjab is literally taken-over by like-minded militant organizations. -QAMAR CHEEMA, Islamabad, April 15.