Pakistan is always struggling due to our ever-worsening job market situation. Any unforeseen situation as well as change in government polices affects the job market adversely. The factors which are especially pertinent are a deteriorating law and order situation in various parts of the country. It is forcing the investors to withdraw their investments. The daily news of bomb blasts have also kept the investors and business under pressure and depressed growth. Loadshedding of electricity is also destroying the economy, especially the industrial sector which is the largest sector of Pakistans economy. This sector employs the largest share of labour but is going down the tubes due to electricity breakdowns. This uncertainty of power supply is a dampener for the future business expansion plans in the country. The government should make long term plans to increase the opportunities of jobs for the unemployed people of Pakistan. -AISHA BASHEER CHOU-HAN, Karachi, April 15.