LAHORE The United Nations fact-finding report on the cause of Benazir Bhutto assassination during the Musharraf regime is likely to widen the schism already existing on our political and social scenario besides triggering a new controversy as to who were her assassins. The findings of the commission of the highest international forum would, by all means, be acceptable to international community as the final word on what occassioned the ghastly act of December 27, 2007. Yet the report does not bar further investigations into the fatal climax of the beloved leader of the nation and former two-time Prime Minister of Pakistan. The probe has just determined only one aspect of the incident while leaving other factors for a probe to be conducted by the Pakistani authorities and the courts. Experts say, on the baseline, set by the UN findings, our own agencies by themselves or the courts can proceed ahead to look into other aspects relating to the killing of Benazir Bhutto. Hence the long-awaited release of the report is not the end but a starting point wherefrom our own investigations and courts would trace out the real actors and the culprits. However, the first step in this direction, would be a formal registration of an FIR by the PPP leadership or legal heirs of Benazir Bhutto to kick off further action. It is noteworthy that the situation today is not akin to what it was at the time of occurrence or when PPP leadership had resorted to the UN probe. At present, an independent and forward looking judiciary is the chief element which would play its part to ultimately deal with the issue of Benazir Bhutto assassination. The matter was previously taken up by the special court but proceedings thereon could not pick up due pace in view of the UN commission probe and its release. The current political milieu marked by controversy over renaming of the NWFP and demand for Hazara province is very much likely to get a high pitch on being blended with Benazir murder issue which has again come to limelight with a bang. The PML(N) supported the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KP) to a great disappointment and chagrin of the Hazara people where this party commands majority. In view of the political observers, with the latest development-added political push and pull is expected to surface with some forces opposing the PML(N) on KP while this party pushing the PPP government toward taking Pervez Musharraf to task for the alleged security lapses about Benazir Bhutto at Rawalpindi public rally during his regime. The PPP workers and the leaders may have claimed ownership on the leadership qualities of Benazir Bhutto when she was alive, however, after her demise, everyone is trying to fall close to her, some for genuine reasons while others for political gains. The UN report on the cause of her death has blamed both Musharraf and the PPP for their failure to provide her adequate security cover on the ill-fated day. Hence in view of the observers, in addition to making efforts to trace out the perpetrators, the PPP leadership may also be required to clear its position on security arrangements of Benazir Bhutto on that day. PML(N) from day one, wanted high treason trial of Musharraf, not for Benazir murder but for what he did to its leadership, and the incident took place during his tenure. This party was also not happy with the PPP over giving safe exit to Musharraf with guard of honour. In the context of present situation, the observers say, that the scenario may provide an opportunity to the PML-N to take Musharraf to task and chide the ruling party for giving him a comfortable exit, however, that may not be without problems to this party after it has earned annoyance of Hazara people vis-a-vis support to KP. The UN report seems to urge the government to investigate the matter as to who are the perpetrators of the crime. And for that, the prime responsibility falls on the Punjab government as the scene of occurrence falls within its jurisdiction. Hence the Punjab government may also augment the probe in lines with the directions mentioned in the UN report. For being the main supporters of Musharraf, the PML(Q) may also find itself in a position where it may deem fit to segregate itself from the former dictator on the issue of lack of security, to Benazir Bhutto the same way it did on Lal Masjid issue or Bugtis murder. An important feature emanated from the UN report is that it has further pushed former dictator Pervez Musharraf into the wilderness with respect to his ambitions to return to Pakistan and take part in the politics. Taking perception of the overall picture, another flurry of lively activity on political side is in the sight and the judiciary again may be playing a pivotal role.