Judge Supreme Court Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, who is also judge in charge (administration) of the Federal Judicial Academy, on Saturday said that Judges must be able to make courageous, even unpopular decisions knowing that no one a Government official or even the most powerful politician can fire them or cut their salaries as retaliation. According to press release, he was presiding over the certificates awarding ceremony of one-week orientation " How to be an effective Senior Civil Judge" course for eighteen Senior Civil Judges from all over Pakistan, including AJ&K;held here at the Federal Judicial Academy. Justice Shakrirullah Jan said: Judicial independence also protects judges who make controversial decisions that spark public outrage. "The concept of judicial independence is enshrined in our constitution, which guaranties everyone accused of crimes or one having some civil disputes that his case will be heard by an independent and impartial judge. Independence is vital to fostering public confidence in the fairness and objectivity of the justice system" he observed. Regarding the expectations of the nation from the Judiciary he said: the nation rightly expects our judges to be of the highest caliber and quality, and we work hard for everyday to fulfill that expectation, which is of quality and commitment from them is very high. The litigant expects that judges will have broad legal and life experience, judge is to be versatile and useful to the nation. "I shall tell you that the expectations of the nation for the judges of the country are fairness, common sense, courage, patience, experience, skill, toughness, hard work, and the ability to get the job done. The courts of the country serve about some 17 Million people. There are civil, criminal, family, juvenile and small cause's courts etc. It is the goal of the judiciary / judges to provide fairness, respect and dignity to the people who come before them" he noted. About the National Judicial Policy he said that it has set rules for judicial independence and impartiality. "I am confident that you all might have gone through it. Impartiality is not enough for the judiciary. As institutions, to be independent individual judges must be seen to be objective and impartial in their personal lives, judges must avoid words, actions or situations that might make them appear to be biased or disrespectful of the laws they are to uphold" he maintained. He opined that the senior civil judge is the custodian of rights. He is vested with ample powers for parting justice but as an effective senior civil judge must possess qualities to understand all rules and regulations issued time to time by the higher authorities. "The duties as an effective judge, using the broad life experience and legal skills that have come to him over many years working in our judicial system, being "tough but fair" and having the courage to make some time difficult decisions, with common sense and compassion is hallmark of good senior / administrative Judge. The judges have the desirable qualities as an effective / administrative judge is honored to have their confidence and encouragement" he elucidated. Highlighting the virtues of an effective Senior Civil Judge he said that to be an effective senior civil judge it will be important to have adequate knowledge of all laws and rules, administrative skills necessary to carry out their functions, must know that there are proper arrangements for all cases to be made subject to effective and consistent case management. Supervise all his junior officer / staff under the directions and guidance of the competent authority, must be skill full in distributions of cases amongst the officers junior to him, wherever available and permitted the use of information technology including video and telephone conferencing is encouraged, maintaining regular contact with each other and providing support and offering help if difficulties become apparent to junior colleagues relating to the disposal of cases, Consulting the district judge in relation to matter for which he/she is responsible, providing information and assistance in respect of appointments promotions and transfers if asked. He /she must have capacity to determine having regard to experience, the type of cases each judge should try. It is of particular importance that he knows details of experience of all judges. Advising the Senior Civil Judge he said: You must treat lawyers, clients and witnesses with respect and must refrain from comments that suggest, they have made up their minds in advance. Outside the courtroom, judges do not socialize or associate with lawyers or other persons connected with the cases they hear, or they may be accused of favoritism. At the out set o the ceremony, Abdul Karim Anasri, Senior Civil Judge, from Sindh High Court, speaking on behalf of the course participants, said that the Academy needed to work on modern lines and with futuristic thinking. Giving his suggestion he opined that The Academy needed to attract the distinguished speakers from all four provinces including AJ&K;and Gilgit- Baltistan comprising scholarly resource persons and dedicated faculty, only then, it would be able to impart valuable training to the Judicial Officers to make them more effective in their work. Earlier, Director General of the Academy presented welcome speech and an overview of the course and thanked the resource persons for their contribution to make the said course a success story. In the end, chief guest gave away certificates to the course participants.