On January 13, 2010, President Asif Ali Zardari arrived in Lahore for a weeklong visit. This was the day we were all stopped at traffic signals to let Presidents caravan pass. One thing that amazed me was that the very next day, Asif Ali Zardari delivered a speech in Punjabi. May be he saw the Governor Punjab in a turban and said I should better deliver a speech in Punjabi. Why did he need to do that? Asif Ali Zardari, after all, belongs to a Sindhi-Baloch family from Sindh. His speech in Punjabi indicates his humanity and love for the nation. President gained a lot of respect and support in people of Punjab from this one tour, which he didnt quite gain in twenty foreign tours. I remember the days when President Zardari was in jail. He suffered much physical and mental torture. Many officials wanted him forced on his knees to beg for a deal to be sent abroad like some other politicians. But he never gave up faith and had borne everything with patience. God says in Quran Allah is with those who show fortitude (Surat-al-Baqara, 153). Today we see him as President of worlds only Muslim nuclear power. Some so-called civil society people are pointing a finger at Presidents past conduct. Journalists must listen to both sides and should not take one weak point of someone to create issues that mislead the masses. We admit that in the past, Asif Ali Zardari was involved in some cases but nothing has been proven yet. Now he is elected though the Parliament. We should also never forget the good work he is doing for the nation like the Benazir Income Support Program, Benazir Housing Scheme for women, the NFC (National Finance Commission) Award and a lot of development work that he has got done in the two years of democratic government. Asif Zardari said in Lahore during that tour I am a common man. That is why some people think why this man has become President?. The current scenario of our country is depressing. Unemployment, no electricity, gas, price hike and terrorism are making our lives miserable. We should support the government in these crises neither trying to destabilize the government nor opening up new Pandora boxes, at least not in the next decade. -ADNAN LATIF, Lahore, April 16.