LAHORE (PR) - Member National Assembly Muhammad Pervez Malik has urged the government to work on war-footing to end the massive power outage as its criminal negligence fueling the fire and mounting the masses annoyance. He was talking to a delegation of businessmen, who called him on Friday and acquainted him of their mounting problems due to persisting electricity outages. Pervez Malik said that ongoing power crisis has smashed the industrial, trade and economic activities in the country. He said that irritated industrialists and traders coerced to stage strong protests on the roads across the country as unscheduled huge power outages ruined their business. He said that power crisis burdening the economy and hindering the growth, most of the industry was shut down, rendering hundreds of thousands workers jobless but it seems that government has nothing to do with the state of affairs. He said that not only business community showing its anger but common man also but government was not doing anything to frost the anger of nation. He said that as the heat of summer piling up, the anger of people also notching up but Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf is busy to pass the time and offering remedy of load shedding to minimise the use of electricity. He said that despite the massive load shedding, government was utilizing its all energies to increase electricity tariffs and prices of petroleum products without considering for a moment about the interests of the Pakistani nation. He said that government should wakeup and swiftly ends the power crisis otherwise it should remember the revolution of Kyrgyzstan where the angry people end the government in a day.