THE much-awaited UN Commission Report on Ms Bhuttos murder has finally been released. As expected, it states very clearly that the duty of carrying out a criminal investigation, finding the perpetrators and bringing them to justice remains with the competent Pakistan authorities. In fact, the Commission found it surprising that the present government took over a year and a half of being in office before beginning further investigations into Ms Bhuttos murder. While the Commission does not pinpoint the actual murderers, its findings are revealing. As expected, again, the major responsibility is laid firmly on the Musharraf government with the police and intelligence set-ups also found with big question marks - from the hosing down hastily of the murder scene to the autopsy fiasco to the whole approach not only to the provision of security to Ms Bhutto to the post-murder actions. The Commission also states that their probe was deliberately hampered by the intelligence set-ups. The CPO Rawalpindi is singled out for what is clearly suspicious behavior but the Commission insists he could not have been acting alone. Agreeing with the Scotland Yard findings about the actual cause of the killing, the Commission finding also showed a reluctance to accept the death by a bullet theory. Another interesting and telling aspect of the UN Commission Report is the bizarre behaviour of the security set up of the PPP for Ms Bhutto. The disappearance of the bullet proof Mercedes Benz carrying Rehman Malik from the scene straight to Islamabad is questioned by the Commission because this vehicle, in its view, would have been an essential element of Ms Bhuttos convoy. The Commission contradicts Maliks claim that he was close enough to feel the blast, stating that they failed to see the car in the video footages its members saw. The Report finds it incredible that Malik drove all the way to Zardari House instead of stopping a safe distance and checking on Ms Bhuttos condition. Despite having a limited mandate, the Report is a damning indictment of the Pakistani state and its Establishment. It is incumbent upon the government and the state institutions to ensure that Ms Bhuttos killers and their abettors are exposed and brought to justice - if the state and its ominous Establishment are to ever redeem even a modicum of credibility. The same is true of the present government. President Zardari has time and again boasted that he knows who the real murderers of Ms Bhutto are and he would expose them at the right time. Well, never was there a more apt time than now. After all, his party has also come in for some stringent censure. The UN probe has cost the country plenty from its scarce resources. Its Report cannot simply be put away in some dingy filing cabinet. Instead it must be the catalyst for seeing the proper closure of the tragic killing of a national leader.