The National Geographic magazine of April 2010 has brought out a special issue on water. The main article states that even if the melting glaciers that are melting faster due to global warming provide an abundance of water in the short run, they portend a frightening future; an eventual depletion of Asias greatest rivers. It could happen by the latest in next 50 years. China aims to build 59 reservoirs to capture and save this glacial runoff. In mountains from Pakistan to Bhutan, thousands of glacial lakes have been formed that are all potentially unstable. If these burst, villages in the valleys below would be swept away. The only saving grace is that rate of melting is not uniform all over. A number of glaciers in the Karakoram Range on western edge of the plateau are actually advancing. This anomaly may result in increase of snowfall in the higher altitudes and, therefore, a much colder Karakorams where snowcaps will be less vulnerable to small temperature increases. Further in the future, peace between Pakistan and India may hinge as much on water as on nuclear weapons. -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 15.