The federal finance minister, Abdul Hafeez Sheikh has 'hinted at the 'possibility of at least one more tranche of IMF (International Monetary Fund) for 'equilibrium in its finances. According to a media report, the finance minister headed a delegation for talks with IMF and World Bank; during the first phase of which the federal finance minister informed both about the economic preferences of the governemnt. He informed that governemnt strived to bring down the budgetary deficit at 4.5%, alongwith further tax reforms, which were being hindered by a reluctant parliament. He also cited 'filing of tax related charges of 4000 commercial organizations in courts, and while stressing trade instead of aid in order to gain access to European markets, said that Pakistan could ill-afford relying on constant aid. The IMF on its part, strongly advised that Pakistani should cater for its economic challenges on its own; a factor which has put the Pakistani delegation in quite a problem. The finance minister also held a meeting with the visiting Chinese delegation, and invited Chinese investment in Pakistan.