ISLAMABAD (Online) - The nurses working in different hospitals of Islamabad have given protest warning if their demands would not bee accepted on immediate basis Stressing on acceptance of their demands, the Nurses leaders have given protest warning if their demands would not be accepted. During speeches nurses leaders vowed to continue the agitations till their demands would be accepted. President of Action Committee in College of Nursing-PIMS Abdus Sattar on behalf of the nurses associations in Islamabad announced that on Tuesday representatives of nurses will hold meetings to decide their future course of action including strikes as well as boycott from work in hospitals. He said that protests in front of the parliament were already decided but more tough decisions may be taken if the government takes no notice of their needs and demands. Nurses and non-medical employees of health ministry, who were gathered in front of administration, block in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), chanted slogans against the government and their policies. They were holding banners and placards inscribed with demands of regularization of their jobs, revamping service structures and others. The nurses had decided few days ago to hold protests until 18 April and to march toward the parliament on April 19 (Tuesday) if their demands are not met. Feelings of deprivation are eminent among nurses community after officials of health ministry and parliamentarians held meetings with doctors and vowed to accept their demands but no proper attention was paid to the issues of the nurses in the capital city of Islamabad. Demands of doctors and nurses were almost same but we wonders as why issues of only doctors were addressed, nurses are as important as doctors are in any health system, PIMS Nurses Association President Julliana William told Online.