We have been hearing of drone attacks by the American forces fighting waron terror in Afghanistan and in our Northern areas since 2004. The frequency of attackshas been increasing with the passage of time; the maximum beingin 2010 during when 957 persons became victim of such attacks. After every drone attack, the news says so many number of militants have been killed. In actual fact in every drone attack many innocent people also get killed. In the recent drone attack on a peace Jirga in the North Waziristan, 41 jirga elders to include women and children got killed. There was no militant or extremist in that Jirga. This happened one day after the release of Raymond Davis. There were widespread protests and the American ambassador was also called by the foreign office to render apology.However, a delegationfrom Pakistan including our DG ISI did go to America to discussthis matter but it was perhaps an eyewash. The dayDG ISIcame back, next day another drone killed 6 innocent people. Ever since,thepresent government took overi.e afterFeb, 2008 elections, it has been protesting on drone attacks and telling US that these are counterproductive and that is all.These protests and statements areperhaps for the publicconsumption. On the other hand the US government Defence Secretary has clearly stated that they have the tacit approval of the Pakistan government for drone attacks on militants. The Wikileaks have revealed that our PM has told the US government that it can continue with the drone attacks and the collateral damagecaused in theseattacks is not a matter of any concern to him (the PM). Whatis the deal or understanding between the US government and our government on drone attacks?It must be told to the public in clearby our PM and make a policy statement as he did in Raymond Davis release case. If the government condemns drone attacks and has asked the USA government to stop them immediately, then we should shoot down any drone taking off to fire missiles on innocent people. Our Air Force chief has already told thenation on electronic media that they have the capability to shootdown the drones. The government should give a final warning to the US government and order the PAF to shoot down any drone taking off withoutour knowledge or sharing intelligence about the militants with Pakistan intelligence agencies. Thisis nowa test case for the government. Either they are bluffing the nation about the understanding with the US government on drone attacks or our Air Chief told a lie abouttheir capability of shooting down the drones. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, April 15.