Letter from Basma Siddiqui from Karachi is most welcome as she has advocated construction of dams. However, when she says that dams will also help to prevent destruction caused by floods every year, it has to be remembered that the flood waters of the five big tributaries of the Indus can be stored only by Kalabagh dam in the south and not by Tarbela or Bhasha dams in the north. Without Kalabagh dam south Punjab and Sindh will keep suffering from the annual flood havoc. It may be noted that no sites for dams are available in Pakistan on Kabul, Chitral, Haro or Soan river, only on Swat river. It is quite wrong to reject Kalabagh dam because it is in Punjab. IRSA will distribute the water stored at Kalabagh dam as per shares determined under the Water Accord. The flow in the Indus will actually increase when Sindh’s share is released into it since share for Sindh has been increased in all future dams by decreasing Punjab’s share. There will be equal share for both despite the vast difference in population and in the area under cultivation.


Lahore, April 16.