A common feature of the deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi is robberies committed at gunpoint during long traffic jams. One such location is the site area from Gulbai Chowrangi to somewhere between Ghani Chowrangi and Siemens factory. Massive traffic jams take place on this long stretch almost every day from 5:00 pm onwards and people coming back from their factories and offices are robbed. Criminals are seen walking openly on the main road with pistols either in their hands or inside their pockets. They walk away after snatching money, cell phones and watches from people in cars, buses and on motorcycles. I have also been a victim of such incidents three times in the last four months.The unfortunate fact is that despite daily occurrence of these incidents, the police are nowhere to be seen, though the police station is just a few metres away from the main spot, the Shershah Bridge. There are only a couple of traffic policemen on two spots, Shershah Chowrangi and Ghani Chowrangi. They also turn a blind eye to these happenings. Can the police or the Citizen-Police Liaison Committee please do something to control this menace?


Karachi, April 16.