ISLAMABAD - Dissatisfied with the performance of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, the National Assembly Standing committee on Petroleum on Wednesday reprimanded OGRA Chairman Saeed Ahmad Khan.
The NA body met here at Conference Room of OGDCL headquarters. Saeed Ahmad Khan changed his statements again and again but in response he had to face more straight and pointed questions.
Committee member Mian Tariq Mehmood said that despite his personal complaints, OGRA had not taken any action against a CNG station in his area and it was still operating without having sufficient documents.
The OGRA chief said that the said complainant and station owner were called and the station was closed. Mehmood challenged Khan and said that station was still operational. Khan repeated his statement that the complaint was resolved and on the basis of insufficient documents station was closed.
Mehmood, on this, became emotional and said that he was the complainant and he was never called by OGRA . He stressed that station was operational and if proven otherwise he would resign from his national Assembly seat.
Committee Chairman Chudhary Bilal Ahmed Virk tried to diffuse the situation and told Mehmood to check again and then reply.
A few minutes later, after consulting his staff OGRA chairman passed the buck to SNGPL. He said his department had written to gas department to close the CNG station, but if the station was operational it was the responsibility of SNGPL.
Pir Bux Junejo raised questions of low pressure for domestic consumers due to more CNG stations in his area. Junejo said that he had been raising the issue for the last eight meetings of the committee but authority had taken no action.
Addressing the questions of members, Khan said in his presentation that his department received 20,179 complains from 2009 to 2014 and resolved 20,473 complains. Either it was a typographical error or technical mistake no participant asked how his department resolved more complains then it received.
The OGRA chief said that his department provided relief to consumers worth Rs 22.36 million.
He said his department, in terms of fine collected Rs 80.3 million from oil, Rs 540 million from LPG and Rs 15.025 million from CNG stations. He informed the members that OGRA issued a total of 3,547 CNG licences, 103 LPG licences and 50 LPG refuelling licences.
He further informed that his department was in profit and the every year the profit was deposited in the finance department. He further said that OGRA had no office other then Islamabad and 17 staff members were serving the whole country.
Virk observed that with 17 people how OGRA could address thousands of complains throughout the country and why OGRA didn’t establish its offices in provincial capitals. Khan faced strict criticism from members and chairman of the NA committee when he stated that financial constraint was the main hurdle in establishing more offices.
“Some minutes ago you were telling your department is in profit and you deposit a huge sum in treasury, now you are saying you don’t have money.
Did you ever write your plan to establish more offices?” asked Virk.
The meeting was adjourned directing OGRA chairman to strictly follow rules and regulations while granting new LPG licences and establish sub-offices in provincial capitals.