LAHORE - The City District Government on Wednesday revised/increased prices of 20 essential commodities, putting additional burden on the masses already facing difficulties in making both ends meet.
Instead of implementing the existing rate lists, the prices of daily use items including milk, yogurt, meat and pulses have been revised to bring them closer to the actual market rates. The insiders, however, believed that the shopkeepers already violating the previous rate list will resort to further increase the prices of essential commodities.
Retailers and wholesalers are in the habit of charging rates higher than the official fixed prices to mint more money and they would continue the practice of fleecing the masses.
 According to the officials, the main purpose of revising the prices of daily use commodities was to discourage hoarding and profiteering. District Coordination Officer Dr Ahmed Javed Qazi has directed price magistrates to take action against the shopkeepers for overcharging and submit report on daily basis. As per the revised rate list, the price of milk has been increased from Rs57 to Rs60 per litre and that of yogurt from Rs63 to Rs65 per kilogram. Similarly, price of sugar has been increased from Rs53 to Rs55 per kg, basin from Rs67 to Rs68 per kg, rice Basmati Super (New) from Rs110 to Rs120 and rice Basmati 386 (New) from Rs72 to Rs74 per kg. According to the notification, price of Gram Daal Bareek (Special) has been fixed at Rs66 per kg, Gram Daal Rs62 per kg, Masoor Daal (Bareek) Rs150 per kg, Masoor Daal (Moti) Rs105 per kg, Mash Daal Washed (Burma) Rs125 per kg, Mash Daal Un-Washed (Burma) Rs120 per kg, Mong Daal Washed (Moti) Rs155 per kg, Black Chana (Mota) Rs65 per kg, White Chana (Mota) Rs64 per kg, White Chana (Bareek) Rs62 per kg, Red Chilli Rs200 per kg, Mutton Rs500 per kg, Beef Rs250 per kg and Roti Rs6.