LAHORE - In the jigsaw of Taliban and government peace talks, the former on Wednesday used the ‘ceasefire’ as a pressure tactic to get some of its unacceptable demands approved from the government, security sources close to the developments on this count informed The Nation.
Close circles of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) told this correspondent that the infighting among the pro-peace and anti-peace Taliban ranks compelled its Afghanistan-based top leadership to announce a decision for not extending the ceasefire but at the same time TTP hasn’t suspended or ended the talks process.
They were of the view that TTP leadership in a bid to cover the serious internal differences and pacify the sentiments of anti-peace elements made this ‘double-meaning’ announcement. They added that TTP mediators have made contacts with TTP political shura designated to hold direct talks with the government and they would come up with something soon.
Senior member of government peace committee, Rustam Shah Mohmand when contacted, said, “The TTP statement hints at internal pressures and I think the situation will settle down in two to three days and peace process will continue.” He said, “One should not ignore the fact that TTP announcement has not said anything about suspending or ending the talks process, while the announcement concerning the ceasefire also has an ample room for its extension if both sides express some flexibility on certain issues.”
Security sources said that TTP has made some unacceptable demands and they want to bully the government which would not work. They said that the security services haven’t taken out a single target of the TTP since the government has announced a ceasefire to pursue the talks for a negotiated settlement of the issue .
Security sources said that TTP members were concocting stories to establish themselves as innocent but they cannot get their unacceptable demands met by from the government this way. They added that TTP if really wants to pursue talks, it should abandon pressure tactics, as their do so would leave the government with no other option than to strike them.
According to the security sources , TTP chief Maulvi Fazalullah has summoned key leaders of South Waziristan Agency (SWA) at his Afghan hideout to settle the issue of SWA throne, as the mid-ranking leaders of SWA who met with Fazalullah failed in reaching at a settlement. According to them, the communications of TTP members in SWA intercepted by the security services clearly indicates the continuation of hostilities between pro-peace and anti-peace groups of the TTP .