Islamabad - A three-day grand cultural event of `Music  Mela Conference and Festival’ would start at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) from April 17 (Friday). FACE and U.S Embassy are arranging the event with variety of activities including music workshops, musical and instrumental performances, conferences and discussions.

On the opening day, the music mela would present the artists including Niaz Khan (Pashto folk), Fazal Jutt (Punjabi folk Dastaan), Shamoon Ismail (Jutt Blues), Krishan Laal Bheel (Saraiki folk), Shafqat Salamat Ali Khan (Classical), Sachu Khan (Baluchi folk), Maria Pomianovska (Polish ethno), Grace Mclean (American contemporary) and Hadiqa Kiani (Pop rock).  The second day of music mela would have Guitar workshop by Hamza Jafri and song writing workshop by Mary Mcbride. Other events include `Connecting with the world’-USA, India and Poland and promoters conference `national platforms for music’.  The artists including Naujawaan All Stars (Fusion), Shaan Khan (Pashto fusion, Shehriyar Mirza (Funk rock), Pappu Saeen (Qalandar bass), Red Blood Cat (Alternative, contemporary), Jimmy Khan (Pop/rock), Dance (Folk/regional by HATS group), Asraar (Fusion) and Coven (Rock).

The third day would showcase Drum and Percussion workshop by Sikandar Mufti, presentation on developing a music curriculum by Arshad Mahmud, successful music projects showcase by Xulfi of Nescafe Basement and musician union conference by Ali Azmat.

 While the main stage would include envoys (ambassador rock), Sketches  (Mai Nimani (Sindhi folk), Mary Mcbride (Country rock), Faiz Ali (Qawwali), Dance (Classical Khattak by Umair Arif), Sanam Marvi (Sufi folk) and Grace McLean (American contemporary).