Rawalpindi - The hardcore criminals imprisoned at country’s largest Adiala Jail are using cell and V-Wireless phones despite establishment of mobile phone jammers placed by the Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies to block signals.

“Moreover, the sale and use of narcotics has become routine among the several inmates of the jail,” reliable sources disclosed to The Nation here on Thursday. “The jail administration allegedly is playing some tricks to make the jammers dysfunctional whenever they want in a bid to facilitate the cell and V-Wireless phone users apparently against hefty bribes,” sources added.

 “This horrific act of jail administration is not only drilling the security blanket placed by the law enforcement agencies, including Pakistan Army inside and outside the jail to block communication but also posing threats to common people as the inmates are used to make threats, plan escapes and continue to make money from illegal activities even while behind the bars,” sources said.

They said that the inmates who were enjoying the facility of cell phones or V-Wireless pay Rs30,000 as monthly to the jail authorities.  

According to list, provided by the sources to The Nation, the cell phones and V-Wireless sets are being used by the prisoners, including Zahid (detained in barrack number 5/7); Taimoor (barrack 5/8); Nadim (barrack 5/8); Abbas Khan (barrack 5/1); Malik Hafeez (barrack 4/5); Rana Shaukat (barrack 4/6); Fiaz (barrack 7); Zahid son of Dadu (barrack 3/7); Sarfraz (barrack 4/8); Abbas Shah (barrack 4/8) and Jalal Nae (barrack 4/8). “A surprise visit of higher authorities can break the shell,” sources said, adding that the sale of narcotics, including Charas and heroin are also on rise in Adaila Jail.

All the narcotics deals were being made by an officer of Assistant Superintendent rank who collects Rs1,00,000 from each drug seller in the jail. Those who are selling drugs among inmates in heavily guarded Adiala Jail included Pervaiz (barrack 4/8); Tariq (barrack 1/7); Bacha Khan (barrack 3/1) and Khurram Shehzad (barrack 4/4), sources added.

They said that a surprise visit of Home Minister or any other honest government officer to Adiala Jail can unearth all such irregularities and criminal activities of high ups of the jail.

Deputy Superintendent (DS) Adaila Jail Arshad Warraich, while chatting with The Nation in his office regarding the use of phones and sale of narcotics, said that Adiala Jail has been housing 4,800 inmates involved in various crimes. He said that the jail authorities are busy in thwarting the attempts being made by prisoners of using mobile phones and drugs inside the jail.”However, if any prisoner remains successful in his/her illegal act, we cannot say anything,” Arshad said. He said that he himself arrested many prisoners on account of carrying mobile phones and drugs inside the jail.

The DS also shown a large numbers of slippers, bottles, books and pieces of leather embroiled with thread that were altered through different ways to hide mobile phones, SIMs and narcotics to this scribe in support of his claims.  

Commenting on use of cell phones, he said that mobile jammer system was being controlled by National Radio Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) that comes direct under control of Pakistan Army and Rangers. “In such a strict check and balance, how we jail authorities can make any mistake,” he said.

Interestingly, the mobile phones’ signals of this scribe were full when he came out of jail and was standing at main gate of the jail. This showed that the mobile phone jammers are not working properly.