After a lengthy debate in the Parliament it is now clear that all parties do not want Pakistan to get involved in the intra-Arab conflict between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The Parliament is the voice of the Nation. The only role a Muslim can and should play, when two Muslim brothers get involved in a fight, is that of mediator and peacemaker. However, the rulers in Pakistan appear to be either not interested or not capable of any mediatory role.

Their only wish is to defend the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia and the Holy Harimain Shareefains, and to somehow send the Army there. This is insulting the wisdom and the conscience of the people of Pakistan. However, to be fair to the rulers, since they have managed to come to power I think they should be given full freedom to address their own concerns. I suggest that the ruling party composed of the two Sharif’s of Pakistan, their families and their supporters, be allowed and facilitated to proceed along with arms to defend Saudi Arabia. The people of Pakistan could have their honour, the rulers their wish. Let them honour the promises they have made.


Karachi, April 13.