ISLAMABAD - Subh-e-Nau (SN) chairperson Shahiada Farooq Kausar has said that Pakistani girls’ poor performance in the Fed Cup hurt the nation.

Talking to The Nation, Shahida said: “The Pakistani side comprising Sara Mansoor and Ushna Suhail was trounced in singles played at Hyderabad, India. The performance is such a dismissal that we can't expect anything better in circumstances where the players have been denied of their rights. Every defeat in tennis symbolizes the need to organise exclusive ladies tournament and training camps in the country.”

Shahida, actively been working for the sports promotion in Pakistan for the last two decades, also said that there was no dearth of talent in the country but there was a dire need to bring forth the latent talent in every field. “Emaan Qureshi, Rida Khalid, Maheen Dada, Hania and other such players have been tested a couple of times and there is a need to groom these talented young players.”  “Subh-e-Nau played an important role for the resumption of Fed Cup, when Pakistan was restricted, a couple of years ago. We earned the permission for our players after persistent efforts and advocacy. After such hectic efforts, when our players will produce such poor results, then it is better to say that there is no need to waste huge money on women players,” Shahida concluded.