A:     What do you think is going on in the PM’s head? He must be super tense.

S:     Yes, what a term he is having. From Imran Khan to his Saudi masters, everyone has just been after his life. That’s the price of power, I guess.

A:     With great power comes great responsibility to quote my least favourite superhero.

S:     Really. I quite like Spiderman. But how responsible do people like him really feel? I for one would not be able to handle the criticism that comes when one is a public figure. I would not be able to sleep at night, if I knew people were chanting, “go Nawaz go” behind my back.

A:     And on his face. He’s openly mocked. Not that others aren’t. When one has such power, they will be judged by people. No way around it. Though Imran Khan has done much better with this. I think it’s about feeling responsible. When one feels responsible, one tries to work harder. If a leader thinks his position is his privilege, rather than his duty, his rule will be that of corruption and negligence.

S:     Is that what you think has happened in Pakistan? Our leaders feel they deserve to be on the throne?

A:     Yes.

S:     But Imran Khan also thinks he deserves to be PM. His speeches and acts haven’t been that of a man thinks he has to work to deserve the seat.

A:     Choose between him and NS then? Go on.