LAHORE - A full bench of the Lahore High Court on Thursday recorded complete arguments in petitions challenging ‘Signal Free Corridor’, a project of Rs1.5 billion, and announced deciding it today (Friday).

A three-member bench headed by Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah heard the case. The petitioners’ counsel Advocate Salman Akram Raja argued on the case. The counsel submitted that the motorists coming from China Chowk would not be able to go straight to Lahore College for Women University. Instead they have to take u-turn from Racecourse Park and then go straight to Qartaba Chowk and return from there to the university. He said this project would add more miseries to the masses instead of facilitating them.

At this Justice Mansoor remarked that the authorities were saying just leave all objections against the project as it was a simple development project and let it completed.

The judge asked a representative of LDA about the mechanism of prioritising the projects before their execution. The representative said normally public complaints, politicians suggestions and government recommendations prioritise such development projects. The judge asked what made this project on priority? He said traders of Jail Road and three medical facilities at Jail Road had asked them in 2013 to control the traffic on the road.

At this Justice Ayesha asked him if they had some mechanism to receive such recommendations from the public. He replied that they had a one-window operation in this regard. He said for example this year they were carrying out such project on GT Road from Ravi bridge to Rana Town which could not get priority last year. He said another meeting was being held by LDA for 15 such development projects for next year.

On it, Justice Mansoor directed the LDA representative to present the list of these projects in the court. The judge fixed Friday (today) for decision on the petitions.

Kamil Khan Mumtaz and Imrana Tiwana and others had filed the petitions and they also personally appeared the court and argued on the case. They prayed to the court to set aside the said project.