Islamabad - The students of FDE’s run institutions have still not received their complete textbooks on the 4th day of their classes after starting of new academic year.

The students studying in educational institutions working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) enjoyed 12-days spring holidays and joined their institutes with fresh minds. They were excited being promoted in new classes and were eager to get glimpse of their new syllabus but they could not get the books and relied on chit chat during the class hours. It was not for the first time that the student of federal educational institutions have not received their textbooks but happened for many times during the previous years.

Aqeel Hussain, a parent said, “I am not sending my children to the schools, thinking of what they would do in classrooms without textbooks.”

He said that the students would have been provided textbooks just after the announcement of results so that they can go through the syllabus of their new class during the holidays.

A mother, Shagufta Shahid said, “Every year, FDE makes commitments to ensure delivery of textbooks to the students in time but fails in doing so.” She said the concerned authorities must adopt a strategy to place the order of textbooks to the publishing authority in time to ensure delivery of textbooks before the new academic session.

The new Director General of FDE, Shahnaz A Riaz who has recently joined the directorate assured that she would do her possible efforts to resolve the issue.

However, the officials of FDE are of the view that the delay is on the part of the publishing authority, which is National Book Foundation (NBF).

They said most of the titles have been delivered to the FDE and the books will be distributed soon among the students. The officials of NBF said that the order for textbooks was placed very late by FDE, which caused the delay.