ISLAMABAD - The upcoming National Assembly session, in the last week of April, likely to witness verbal brawls among opposition parties rather giving tough time to incumbent government.

The government side might play the role of a silent spectator during possible attacks on PTI both from Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) and MQM over host of the issues.

Albeit both MQM and JUI-F have not decided to jointly attack

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, yet plans are almost same to give tough time to second largest opposition party in the National Assembly (PTI).

The polls of NA-246, which is largely being debated outside the parliament, would be a main part of discussion of the winning party.

As both MQM and PTI are contesting on the vacant seat (NA-246) of Nabeel Gabol, who recently resigned from MQM due to his personal reasons.

Jamaat Islami (JI), having sympathies with PTI, might also put weight behind the arguments of its allied party against MQM. As, currently both the parties are engaged to decide who to contest against MQM on this seat. “We will see the situation and still not decided any strategy. At that particular time PTI will decide it reaction,” said PTI Central Leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi while talking to TheNation.

Qureshi , on the floor of the house, had already cautioned both government and opposition parties that PTI could response in tit-for-tat manner but it will not create mess during the discussion over Yemen issue.

Whereas, MQM apart from terming PTI members as ‘Strangers in the house’ is set to defend all attacks regarding to its most favourite seat NA-246 (The constituency in Nine-zero area). “We will not only take them (PTI) to task on legal issue, but also realize the vote bank of MQM...Come what may, if the request to depute rangers at NA-246 we will win,” said MQM’s lawmaker Asif Hasnain while talking to this scribe.

On the other hands, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) is set to lock horns with PTI over the same issue. As, they have even threatened to walkout from the session if PTI MNA is given floor to speak. “JUI-F will definitely raise point against PTI...They have legally no right to sit in the National Assembly as we will stage walkout in coming session,” JUI-F Spokesman Jan Achakzai told The Nation.

JUI-F, he said, will also raise strong reservation over recently passed resolution over Yemen crisis. “We have reservation and will express over point of view in coming session,” Achakzai added.

Parliamentary sources said that government side will fully support PTI over the issue of motion moved by MQM to de-seat PTI’s lawmakers. As earlier NA Speaker had already issued ruling ostensibly defending the PTI’s MNAs. The political parties have also submitted call-attention notices and adjournment motions on different issue to debate it in the house. The government side will focus on passing and introducing disposing of the pending bills.