Associate member certificate awarded to ICAP

KARACHI (PR): Chartered Accountants Worldwide Chairman Pat Costello presented associate member certificate to President ICAP, Hafiz Mohammad Yousaf at the membership certificate presentation in New York.

Pat Costello, along with others, welcomed ICAP as the body’s second Associate Member. President ICAP along with the Chairman Education Committee Syed Najam ul Hussain attended the Chartered Accountants Worldwide CEOs meeting in New York.

President ICAP gave an overview of the challenges and opportunities in Pakistan and an overview of the Institute and its membership. He shared ICAP’s view on the impact of collaboration with Chartered Accountants Worldwide which would lead to combined brand strength, greater engagement of members, global portability and credibility of the Chartered Accountancy qualification.

ICAP is the second professional body to be admitted to the organisation since it was launched in February 2013. As an Associate member, ICAP joins a group of globally-recognized Chartered Accountancy bodies that are committed to enhancing the value of the brand and the profession. Its membership recognises the importance of the qualification in Pakistan and demonstrates ICAP’s commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards. Through this alliance, ICAP will increase its international presence and have an opportunity to contribute to the further development of the profession.

Sanofi Pasteur’s dengue vaccine

KARACHI (PR): Sanofi and its vaccines global business unit Sanofi Pasteur announced Saturday that the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) has issued its recommendations to the WHO on the use of Dengvaxia® dengue vaccine. The SAGE advises that countries with high dengue transmission consider introduction of the dengue vaccine as part of an integrated disease prevention strategy including vector control to effectively lower their dengue disease burden. Successful introduction of dengue immunization alongside other prevention efforts should help endemic countries to achieve the WHO objectives to reduce dengue morbidity by 25% and mortality by 50% by 2020.

“We welcome these recommendations for Dengvaxia® from SAGE, the advisory group to the WHO, for vaccines and immunization.” said Elias Zerhouni, MD, President of global R&D, Sanofi. “Dengvaxia® has been approved in four countries already, including Mexico and Brazil, which have regulatory authorities recognized by the WHO. These WHO SAGE recommendations further validate the scientific and medical value of Dengvaxia® and send a clear message to endemic countries about the strong public health benefit to be gained by introducing the dengue vaccine in integrated disease management efforts to combat their dengue burden.”

Tetra Pak sees strong performance

LAHORE (PR): Tetra Pak’s revenues reached €11.9 billion in 2015, a rise of 7.5% on the previous year, as a strong business performance helped overcome the impact of continued challenges in the global economy. Positive currency impacts accounted for 6.3% of the increase, but the company also reported solid growth in both services and processing solutions, while its packaging sales advanced at a more modest rate.

Tetra Pak President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Jönsson said: “Despite slowdowns in our top two markets – China and Brazil – and significant hits to sales arising from the political and economic events in other countries, we continued to grow in both processing and packaging in 2015. It was a tremendous achievement, reflecting the strength of our strategy, the commitment of our workforce and the continued support of our customers.”

Looking forward to the prospects for 2016 and beyond, Jönsson said: “This year marks the half-way point in our 2020 Strategy. Since we started that strategy five years ago, we have become leaner and more productive, with a stronger and broader product portfolio and a sharper focus on customer value, giving us a good platform from which to build.

In the future, we believe that we can continue growing our business by driving efficiency, staying focussed on product and service innovation, and putting customers at the centre of everything we do.”