LAHORE - The newly opened food chain Boneheadsgrill on MM Alam Road brings the amazingly American taste to the people of the city who love to have the best dishes loved internationally.

Everything has a beginning and there is always good story of how it all started. And Boneheads is no exception. One beautiful spring day in 2006, two different chefs driving two different cars simultaneously and accidentally collided. One chef was from Atlanta, and had the concept of a casual restaurant concept that featured grilled fish.

The other was South African, and he was trying to introduce the US to a special Piri Piri sauce he had perfected in his home country. The two men declared themselves “boneheads”.

Boneheads grew into 12 franchise locations in eight American states and Lahore is the only city outside US where the Boneheads offered the Piri Piri sauce made food items for the people. It proves the Lahore’s long romance relation with the rich taste food, as Boneheads opened the franchise not in big capitals of the world but in Lahore to offer the delicate food taste.

Yummy Chicken Skewer served with rice and fries is one of the best in town. Chicken Skewers is the food item which is literally a taste treats offered in Texas’s conventional style of presenting the food in old west. The cowboy’s food hailing from Texas is delightfully tasty and the traditional presentation is something not to be missed.

The ambiance and service is exceptionally good while the food offered looks like it has been made just to delight your taste buds. Boneheads means that you love the food so much that you eat the meat to the bone.

Bonehead offers variety of culinary food including special ‘Piri Piri Wings’ - seven pieces with marinated chicken wings cooked to perfection and tossed in special Piri Piri sauce.

Another kind of wings is also there at the table for those who like sweet in their food ‘Pok Pok wings’ sweet and spicy wings flavoured with a custom blend of spices.

Once you go black there is no way back … Enjoy the ultimate Boneheads Halloween Black Steak Burger available both in beef and chicken and feel the real black beauty. Pertinent to mention that black burger is only available in two places in world, one in Texas and secondly at Boneheads in Lahore.

As salads are essential part of the lunch or dinner the Boneheads presents Portuguese Grilled Chicken Salad, a freshly cut and crafted salad made precisely to your specifications with quality ingredients. Boneheads offers number of sauces included Boneheads BBQ sauce, Bang Bang sauce, Remoulade sauce, spicy tartar sauce, Honey Mustard Mayonaise and Pirinaise Sauce.

The Boneheads serve the food with the theme: "Why deep fry fish or chicken when you can enhance the natural flavours and keep it healthy by simply grilling it?”

At Boneheads you can taste mouth-watering, life-affirming, fresh grilled chicken and seafood dishes. The experience of dining at Boneheads will be good as whatever you order it is freshly cooked and served to you straight away.

Whether it is special fresh and juicy Flame Grilled Chicken with Piri Piri Sauce or special Pok Pok wings the food at Boneheads makes your taste buds feel good.