LAHORE - Lesco yesterday alleged that the Kanganpur police station located in Chunyan division (Kasur circle) of the company was involved in electricity theft.

In a statement, Lesco held that the SHO of Kanganpur station arrested company employees when they raided the police station to stop the electricity pilferage. “The SHO Kanganpur got angry and arrested dozens of Lesco workers who raided the police station to disconnect power supply of theft,” stated the company.

The incident led to halt official work in entire division and even the fault in Kanganpur Grid Station could not be resolved resulting failure in restoration of power supply to thousands of consumers. The labour unions in Kasur circle which included divisions of Chunyan, Phoolnagar, Kasur City, Kasur Rural and Kot Radhakissan have announced strike and protest demonstration against the incident on Monday.