In a show of outright interference into the personal life of its students, and an attempt at moral policing, the Chief Proctor of the University of Swat tried to institute one of the most ridiculous forms of segregation, though it seems that eventually sense prevailed. A notice was issued which stated that the university would not tolerate a boy and girl sitting together, and would fine those found, and hold an emergency meeting with the parents. What is even more astounding is that he tried to make this a both on and off-campus policy. The Proctor was suspended later, and the notice retracted, but the troubling aspect of this is that that universities and other institutions are full of people with similar mindsets.

The saddest aspect of this rule is that the administration thinks that the only form of relationship between a male and female is sexual. This mindset has no place in universities specifically, where young adults are in their formative stage, and will be influenced by their university life. If students are constantly told that associating with the opposite sex is wrong, they will never learn that that both genders can interact in a normal way, or will they be able to successfully assimilate in a workplace where segregation is often not possible. There is nothing wrong with a healthy professional relationship.

Norms of interactions are created by society and family, and are an individual’s right to follow or not. The students at university should be taught that they are responsible adults and can be accountable for their own actions, without having the university administration intervening for every little thing. The university administration should remember that it has a responsibility to educate the students, rather than police them.