MIRPUR (AJK)-The survival of Azad Kashmir Radio and FM-101 has been endangered after as the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation has slashed their half of monthly funds due to heavy financial constraints.

All the three news bulletins, one each in Urdu, Pahari and Gojri, being aired from AK Radio Mirpur and FM-101, have reached to the verge of closure following the 50 percent cut in their monthly funds.

The current Rs85,000 volume of monthly expenditures to run the news section at AK Radio Mirpur/FM-101 has been curtailed by 50 percent - which has forced the local management to reduce the three numbers of the news bulletins only to one because of the reported paucity of funds.

It could be accessed through the ugly state of affairs that the casual artists of the news section have not been paid their due tiny-volume of remunerations against their stipulated booked performance for the past two to three months.

Same sorrow state of affairs is also faced by the programme section. The management of Azad Kashmir Radio Mirpur have apprised the top authorities at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation of the prevailing gradual affects being faced by the news section.

The state-run Radio Stations at Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Tarakheil have great significance and sensitivity vis-à-vis their existence in view of the importance of Kashmir issue and the exceptional responsibility of the state-run media organizations including Radio Pakistan and PTV in projecting the national Kashmir cause. AJK-based public-sector Radio Stations cannot be treated in same manner as the small units of the PBC-controlled Radio stations local in other small cities of the country including Larkana, Haiderabad, D.I Khan etc.

At the same time, the radio talent including those belonging to the news section have started feeling much concerned about the financial conditions of the AK Radio Mirpur/FM -101.

The local news artists in a meeting have appealed to the top PBC management to take immediate notice of the ugly situation.

The participants of the meeting unanimously demanded immediate restoration of the allocated funds to run the news section.