By Dua Khawar

Hey guys how are you all here i am with my brand new artical i hope you liked my previous fairytale story if you did than thank you guys so yesterday in our free lesson me and my class fellows were talking about if school uniforms are a good thing or not  in my class many students replied school uniforms are a good thing but many were saying it isnt many students students in my class said we should wake up  early or late it is our choice no restrictions we only have to where one dress and donnot have to take any stress on what to wear tommorrow no acesseries no fashion simple and casual  we donot have to pick a dress or jewlery to match with our dresses and donot have to think it all day long they also said that if we are on a school trip and maybe if we get lost people can identify us by are school uniforms and they can get us to our school teachers or staff well thats a good point I would myself use that if i ever get lost in a school trip  but lets see what do other students have to  say about it they say that if we can wear jewlry and do makeup we will look pretty and we can easily show off  i think showing off is bad but looking pretty than definetitely i am with them and yes if we need to wake early we can that is counted in our good habits waking up early we can even offer our prayers wow that is where they change the game thats where we got our conlusion so the conclusion is that there should be school uniforms but they should colurful and nice not that old fashioned shalwar kameez and pante coat there should be skirts and shorts all the dresses should be fashon updated girls and boys are totally allowed to wear acesseries and girls are also allowed to wear make up  well that was a very hectic conversation but thats good that we got our conclusion and maybe most of the schools apply it.

Thank you for reading goodbye

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 14, 2018