LOS ANGELES-Justin Bieber allegedly punched a man and threw him against a wall after the guy grabbed a woman by the throat.

The ‘Never Say Never’ hitmaker is said to have struck the man in the face at a Coachella party after the guy had reportedly grabbed a woman and wouldn’t let go of her, despite the 24-year-old singer and his pal screaming at him to release his grip, according to TMZ. Sources told the gossip website Justin then hit the guy, enabling the woman to break free. The mystery man was later chucked out of the party - which was also attended by Patrick Schwarzenegger - and arrested, but not before he started chasing a car while shouting the singer’s name and hitting the vehicle, apparently believing the pop star was inside. This comes after Justin was spotted posting for selfies with 11-year-old viral sensation Mason Ramsey, who is known as ‘Yodel Boy’, due to his incredible pitch-changing singing ability.