ISLAMABAD: Speakers at a seminar on education stressed the need of uniform education system and bridging yawning socio-economic disparity between different segments of society. The event was organised here at Nazriya-i- Pakistan Council Auditorium by International Foundation for Education, Empowerment & Learning (iFeel) in collaboration with Helping Humanity, a welfare organization run by Pakistanis living in Denmark.

The Danish ambassador to Pakistan, Rolf Michael Hay Pereira Holmboe, who was the chief guest on this occasion, said that Denmark is one of the richest and happiest nations owing to transformation and promotion of the education sector. Both public and private sectors have a uniform education system and different sectors play proactive role in promotion of education, he added.

He said that to be the part of global economy, education must be the top priority. He further said iFeel is playing a constructive role to bring the out of school children in the mainstream of the society. Nations cannot progress and flourish when there is disparity in the socio-economic status of different segments of the society, nor can a nation progress when more than 50 per cent of its population remains uneducated.  The well-to-do, emancipated and educated strata of the society have a moral and ethical obligation of “sharing and caring” to bring the less privileged, marginalized segments at par. Change in a positive direction can be brought about by imparting meaningful and quality education and education alone.–Staff Reporter.


Out of School Children’s Schools (OSC schools) functioning under the patronage of iFeel are providing quality education to over age, out of school children of slum areas at an accelerated pace, in order to redeem some of their lost years. iFeel not only provides free education but it also takes care of other needs of the students. Monthly ration support is provided to orphan students and edibles to orphan and needy students during Ramadan.

Currently around 1000 students are enrolled in 14 different branches located in different sectors of Islamabad. Students after successfully completing their primary education and passing the class 5 examination held by the Federal Directorate of Education are mainstreamed in the Federal Government schools.  The progress of students is monitored later also to ensure that they don’t drop out.

The event was arranged to laud the efforts and hard work of the students and teachers in the 2018 examination of class 5 and prizes were awarded to high achievers.