MULTAN-Former member of Punjab Assembly and chairperson of New Hope Welfare Organization (NHWO) Seemal Raja declared on Monday she will unveil faces of those politicians and members of the elite, who are in illegitimate relations with women, whom they had divorced.

Addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club, she pointed out that many influential people maintain illegitimate relations with women after divorcing them. "I am going to kick off a drive against post-divorce illegitimate relations. It's a social evil and exploitation of women. We'll fight against it from the platform of NHWO," she declared.

She said that although divorce was a law from Allah the Almighty, some influential made a mockery of it by developing post-divorce relations with the divorced women. She said that those exploiting women are national culprits and they deserved stern action. She said that due to her struggle a former provincial minister and leader of Q-league confessed before the court although he had divorced a woman, she was still living with him.

She demanded action against those politicians who are in illegitimate relations with women under Article 62/63. "Why the culprits committing non-sharia sins are not punished under Article 62/63?" she posed a question. She declared that she would present 28 divorced women, who were affectees of influential people.

Chief organiser of NHWO Sonia Noman, Nabila Butt, Tahseen Fatima and Noreen Kanwal were also present on this occasion.


Associate engineers from different public sector departments observed strike and set up a protest camp against denial of increase in salaries and non-acceptance of other demands here on Monday. The associate engineers observed complete pen-drop strike and vowed to continue their agitation until their demands were accepted. The camp was set up on Abdali Road in front of Buildings Circle Division office which was led by Javed Bashir and Naeem Khan. The protesters came from Highways, Buildings, Municipal Corporation, District Council, Highways and other departments, who carried out non-stop sloganeering in favour of their demands.

The speakers said on this occasion that if their service structure was not restored, salaries increase, health and transport allowances offered, their strike would continue. They demanded the government to implement the charter of demand presented by them. "If our demands are not accepted, we'll not work on any project," they declared.