Former Prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said that he wants that constitution, law and vote of people should be respected in Pakistan.

Speaking to media men outside the accountability court in Islamabad, he said everybody enjoyed equal rights in Pakistan and protest is right of everyone and nobody should be stopped from expressing his views.

People cannot be deprived of their due constitutional rights, he further adding that the world is changing and Pakistan also has to change and avoid old mistakes. He said Pakistan Muslim League(N) will win despite all the hurdles created in its way.

Nawaz Sharif said, “We should move forward while showing tolerance. We are showing tolerance in the interest of the country.”

He said everybody should try to save the country from chaos, adding the country could see chaos if voice of the people was not heard. Maryam Nawaz said the vote bank of Pakistan Muslim League(N) was intact. The vote bank of PMLN is not going to the people who are leaving the party, she added.