Respected Sir, I want to share my thoughts regarding the entry test (MDCAT) mechanism currently in practice. 

Worthy Sir , it is stated that we attempt almost 2160 minutes (covering all subjects) in our matriculation exams contributing 10% of the total aggregate. Similarly, we attempt almost 1020 minutes in our F.Sc board exam (covering all subjects) with contribution of 40% of the total aggregate . It makes half of the aggregate (50%) against the 4 years continues study protocol. 

On the other hand, A 150 minute Entry Test “alone” holds 50 % of the total aggregate (covering 4 years syllabus 4 subjects) which is totally irrational, illogical and impractical. it is questionable how a single day or 150 minute test can decide the future of a student. Any incident or misfortune may happen to a student at that particular day which can ruin the hard work of the past four years. This situation need your kind attention, due to this wrong practice we have lost thousands of our brilliant students in last many years. 

In my point of view if Entry Test is so necessary in order to synchronize the boards so its aggregate must be reduced to 20-25%. 

Furthermore, the subjects in the test should hold 150 minutes each (4 subjects) so that the abilities of the students should be evaluated in true sense. 

Moreover, it should be conducted twice in a year as it is not a part of our academics therefore this will help the students to appear at their convenience. 


Lahore, April 16.