Today the whole world seems to be globalized. There is vast use of technologies which include television ,mobile phone etc. Today the main role play in society is media. Media play very important and magnificence role in society which include electronic media or social media. It aware people from different valuable things. But sometime this media play very negative role in society. 

Many channels broadcasting different type of morning shows. These morning shows some time play very inclement role in society. They set-up a program about functions of marriages. Where they give concepts about some worthless functions of marriages. These functions have no significance in society and in Islam. These functions include BRIDAL SHOWER, MEHANDI CEREMONAY etc and sometime we saw that many models where heavy boutique dresses of very high cost. Such type of rubbish things only add a problems in our society and developed a complex between lower middle class people. Because such type of things cannot easily afforded by every person. Such type of program can play very negative role in society.  

I request to all morning shows programmer that they do not show our society such type of programs they must aware our society about educational programs. Where they aware our student about different educational institute and about different fields of education. They must provide knowledge about different vocational institute. Many of different vocational institute arrange a programs for student where they provide knowledge about modern education. Many of universities every year launched new fields which is unknown for many of students. So such type of programs give awareness and play very significance role and people like to see such type of educational and knowledgeable program instead of such type of worthless and time wasted programs. 


Karachi, March 25.