LAHORE  - In accordance with the directions of the Supreme Court, the Punjab Healthcare Commission has sent teams to 14 districts for closing down fake treatment centres of quacks.

These teams will be fully supported by the district administrations and police of the respective areas, and the teams have started closing down businesses of the quacks since yester evening. The PHC has consulted different departments and stakeholders for ensuring smooth action against quacks, and for timely submission of the report to the Apex Court. Moreover, for having the exact location and complete information about the quacks for the officials concerned, a mobile app ‘Census Information Manager’ (CMI) has been launched by the PHC yesterday.  During the last week, the PHC teams had sealed 100 businesses of quacks in three cities, that is, Okara, Rawalpindi and Lahore, and their tallies were 50, 31 and 19 respectively. Since the launch of the action against quacks, the PHC has closed down over 8,550 quacks’ businesses, and imposed a fine of about Rs65 million.