Islamabad - Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD), like every year, has failed to implement its admission policy to reduce the increasing number of new admissions to model educational intuitions in the upcoming academic session, an official said on Monday.

Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), under ministry of CADD is running 423 educational institutions from primary to intermediate level. The government had up-graded 20 colleges to award them the status of model colleges providing additional facilities for improvement of education standards.

The official said that above 250000 students are enrolled in 423 educational institutions, while every year an induction of nearly 3000 new students at pre primary and primary level is made in model colleges.  “The new academic year has begun once again with a similar problem where tug of war for admissions in model institutions has started and CADD has no policy to cope with the challenge,” said the official.

The official said that Prime Minister Education Reforms Program (PMERP) started to provide facilities in other educational institutions also failed in ending the discrimination between model and Federal Government (F.G) institution. “Parents prefer admitting their children in Model College because it has a larger budget, better facilities and strong academic results,” said the official.

CADD ministry in last five years failed to establish more model educational set-ups by allocating more budget for other institutions and introducing the evening classes shift which didn’t bring any major change in the education, added the official.

“Parents have an impression that Model College provides better education than any F.G school,” he said.

However, the teaching staffs in F.G set-up are also well qualified, but the seats in these schools remain vacant, added official.

“CADD has no policy of addressing these issues while top officials are seeking details of vacant seats in the model colleges to fill them with their own recommendations,” said the official.

The official said that government failed in implementing the policy of admissions within the sectors where people are residing.

According to policy, residents of every sector have to take admission in the residential sector school/college to keep the balance, however because of lack of facilities the parents are reluctant to admit their children.

“Because of government’s discriminatory policy in education, residents of other sectors submit fake residential documents in model colleges to admit their children,” official added.

The official also said that high profile people use all influence to get their children admitted in model educational institution.

“Resultantly, student with underprivileged backgrounds are either sent to F.G educational institute or gain admission in evening classes of model college,” added the official.

President Federal Government Teachers Association (FGTA) Malik Ameer Khan said that despite government efforts to reform the educational set-ups in federal capital, parents only trusted model colleges.

“CADD has to provide equal facilities and increase the budget of F.G set-up institutions also,” he added.

Director Administration FDE Dr. Tariq Masood said that admission in prep and grade 1st has started in new academic session while in other classes will begun later.