LONDON-Russell Crowe has been given his own unique blend of Yorkshire Tea to celebrate his 54th birthday.

The Oscar-winning actor is a huge fan of the company’s tea bags and has even visited the business’ headquarters in Harrogate, in North Yorkshire, England, to enjoy a tour of the premises and play a gig with his band Indoor Garden Party for the staff.

Crowe turned another year older on April 7 and got a welcome surprise in the post, a box of Crowe’s Tea Biscuit Brew teabags and a card signed by staff.

Sharing a photo of the box of tea and the inside of his card on Twitter, he wrote: ‘’To my friends and lovers @YorkshireTea , so very kind of you. I’m having a brew right now in your honour.’’

The main birthday message in the card read: ‘’Happy Birthday Russell from all your friends at Yorkshire Tea.’’

And written notes from staff included, ‘’Happy Birthday Russell - hope to see you at Yorkshire Tea Towers some time soon. Best wishes Ian,’’ and ‘’Have a good one Russell! More chance of a decent cuppa than a Leeds Utd win! Emma x’’

Crowe may come from New Zealand but he has long had an affinity with Yorkshire as he is a keen Leeds United Football Club fan and he loves visiting the region when he’s in the UK. The ‘Gladiator’ star made his visit to Yorkshire Tea’s headquarters in October 2017 and after being given his own boxes of branded tea he and his group performed.

Speaking about Crowe’s visit last year, Yorkshire Tea marketing director Dom Dwight said: ‘’It was a complete surprise for staff when Russell and the band parked up their tour bus for a tea break on their way to the City Varieties. We can’t thank them enough for dropping by and treating us to a performance.

Coincidentally it was the day after we celebrated Yorkshire Tea’s 40th birthday, so the band’s visit signified our second ‘Indoor Garden Party’ of the week!’’

Yorkshire Yea has often rewarded its celebrity fans with their own unique boxes of tea bags.

Noel Gallagher had several boxes sent to him after enthusing about the great cuppa you get from the blend.

Upon getting his delivery of tea, he said: ‘’Oh, do you know what, the way to a man’s heart is a box of Yorkshire Tea. Do you know, for our tour they’ve made me my own boxes with ‘Noel’s tea’ written on them.

‘’I’ve got my own Yorkshire Tea, it’s got ‘Noel’s tea’ written on the front, and my backing band walked in and they were like ... I was going ‘Yeah, baby, yeah, this is how I roll.’’