LAHORE - Former Punjab governor Shahid Hamid says he fears that some political parties may not accept results of the next general elections because of their mistrust in some institutions.

Presiding over a seminar titled “Prerequisites for Timely and Transparent Elections 2018”, Hamid said the next general elections should be held in accordance with provisions of the constitution in a peaceful and transparent manner.

The Pakistan Institute of National Affairs (PINA) had organised the seminar at the Punjab University. PINA Secretary General Altaf Hasan Qureshee said the prevailing situation portrayed a positive picture. He said that all political parties, establishment and the judiciary wanted elections to be conducted on time and in a transparent manner. He however cautioned that some elements were doing propaganda to damage the peaceful atmosphere in the city. He expressed the hope that all institutions will be on the same page to provide a level playing field to political parties.

Special Assistant to PM Barrister Zafarullah said the parliament passed the Election Act 2017 and constitutional amendment to empower the ECP with financial and administrative autonomy and strong legal infrastructure for holding general elections in a transparent manner. But, he said, the ECP put a ban on development projects and recruitments declaring it pre-poll rigging.

ANP leader Ehsan Wyne said that majority of the bar associations and bar councils felt that judiciary was overstepping its authority and its judgements were not being accepted by saner elements.

PTI leader Ejaz Chaudhry said how transparent elections could be ensured when SHOs were appointed after interviews at Jati Umra.

Punjab University VC Dr Zikriya Zakir said he, as a social scientist, felt that visibility of the institutions was negatively affecting their credibility.

Senior journalist Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami said “we are witnessing a complex situation. The civil society should strive to defeat ulterior motives of the elements that were bent upon undermining the democratic process”.

Senior journalist Rauf Tahir expressed concern over the behaviour of the judiciary and the ECP, and demanded that the constitution should prevail.

Dr Nazim Uddin said that there were some problems in delimitation of constituencies, but the nation should go forward for the elections.