ISLAMABAD-The city’s health authorities have chalked out a comprehensive preparedness plan to fight dengue and to protect the citizens from the disease.

According to an official of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination, directions have been issued to make preparation plans at all hospitals for management of dengue cases including preventive care, diagnostic facilities, availability of beds along with treatment protocols.

He said that directions have been issued to conduct larva prevention and control measures in respective premises. All health institutions have been asked to devise a management protocol of dengue fever in line with the WHO guidelines, he added.

He said that the government had already launched an awareness campaign to ensure making dengue-free society and educating people about the disease.

The official said that the ministry had directed to plan field activities during dengue awareness drive. He said that training process of lady health workers and other health staff had been completed to make the plan comprehensive.

He said that initially the campaign had been started with daily activities from Tarnol while later Bhara Kahu and Rawat would be included in the campaign.

He added that the ministry had deputed 3 lady health supervisors in each area along with respective area lady health workers. He said that the ministry had issued directives to all sanitary inspectors and malaria inspectors to ensure their assistance in this regard.

As per plan, the lady health workers would go door to door for identifying active mosquito breeding sites and destroying them manually and with the use of chemical through placing tempos one percent granules that breaks mosquito life cycle.

The LHWs have been asked to demonstrate their skills of communication and social mobilization for educating the community about how to prevent themselves from the bite of the dengue mosquitoes.

The LHWs will also guide the citizens in order to protect from the disease by taking preventive measures including covering the body with full clothing, motivating the community to close the small openings in the underground and overhead tanks inside houses.

, installing screens in windows and doors, not to keeping trash or garbage inside or outside homes and removing it swiftly from the surroundings.

They will also educate people to keep covered water pots or containers so that dengue female mosquito might not lay its eggs in the stagnant open water, he added.

The ministry also prepared banners, posters and stickers to display on streets, bazaars, schools, offices and other public places to make maximum people aware about the precautionary measures to avoid this hazardous disease.