KARACHI-Sindh High Court has directed to hand over inquiry of matter of sending fake call-up notice to a citizen Shamshad Ali to the NAB chairman.

DG NAB Karachi appeared before Sindh High Court in person on Tuesday. During the course of hearing, court observed, “DG Sahib, are you seeing that what’s going on?

Court further observed that how and when this register of NAB was purchased?  Why the investigation of fake call up matter should not be got done by chairman NAB.

Court while expressing displeasure over DG NAB observed, today you may have seen  that what the performance of NAB is. We have given chance to NAB in every case each time that they should come with preparation but despite of all these, performance of NAB is before you.

Court further observed that we don’t want that name of any state institution is spoiled .

NAB prosecutor informed the court that NAB has done the investigation of the matter and call up notice was not issued by the NAB.

After issuance of call up notice, a call was made to suspect from Hyderabad Registrar office Accountability Court.

Police is also doing the investigation of the matter.