LAHORE    -     Hassan Hamid Tuesday won the 7th Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup segment, held here at Royal Palm Golf Course and entitled to go to Turkey in November for the grand finals, where 70 countries will be represented.

In a battle among 110 golfers, Hassan accumulated 41 points through steady and accurate hitting and nerve free putting. Throughout the 18 holes, Hassan was continuously hounded by some very accomplished golfers like Amir Chaudry, Imran Haider and Waleed Zubair. These three did not win but had impressive and fighting scores. Imran Haider aggregated 40 points while Amir and Waleed had 39 points each.

Hassan said: “The resolve to play to a plan has yielded awesome success.” He lauded the Turkish Airlines team for awarding him a 10 days trip to Turkey to participate in an international championship in Turkey and avail the finest of hospitality on offer by Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines General Manager Hamid Eldelekiglu complimented the top performers and other participants for making the Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup in Lahore a great success. He also highlighted that previous winners have teed up alongside the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy in the Finals.