Honor killings in Pakistan are reality. Every year 655 females and males succumb to honor as if their life does not matter at all. Beside this, this act is indecent .and nowadays it is ordinary. Unfortunately, in Islamabad a man killed his younger daughter in the name of honor on Tuesday. Every day we wake up to an honor killing, the fact is it is not only prevalent in rural areas instead urban areas too. It is heart wrenching to see, urban educated class engaged in such ferocious activity.

It is my humble request to the government to take strict action against the perpetrators of honor killings. Firstly government needs to come up with a mechanism to punish the perpetrators which are usually family members including brothers, fathers and cousins. How could they do this? Where does that love and affection go when they are about to take a life, of one of their own.


Karki, March 26.