Ford Mustang


A two-seat, the mid-engine sports car was officially unveiled on April 17, 1964, by Henry Ford II in Flushing Meadows, New York. Ford Mustang, named after a world war 2 aircraft had a successful debut exceeding sales expectations by a formidable extent.

Ford`s launch back in the day was a PR triumph, there were almost 2600 newspapers with publicity articles for the vehicle itself. Not only newspaper articles, in fact, but Mustang also appeared in one of the James Bond classic, the Gold finger that year. The year 1964 was just the beginning of a successful Ford journey ahead. Revealing multiple models in the next decade, Ford became one of the most popular models in automobile history.

Whether it was the inherited goodwill of the Ford family or the technical features of the vehicle, ford stands as a success story as of today after almost a century of its launch. As far as Mustang is concerned, the vehicle entered its sixth generation in the year 2015, which is still in production as of today.

What started as a simple exterior vehicle with no major ramifications in 1964 has transposed into a state of the art heavy machine of a vehicle in 2019.